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Certified QuickBooks® Point of Sale Advisor

QuickBooks® Point of Sale software is a fully featured POS system tailored for small and medium retailers. It is easy to ring up accurate sales and provides full inventory management including the ability to use bar codes for sales and receiving activities. Additionally Quickbooks® POS includes fully computerized cash register functions, end of day close procedures, cash drawer counts and daily sales journal. Quickbooks® POS provides you the power and flexibility of other software packages aimed at large retailers at an affordable level.

Installation and Implementation

Business Services and Development has a team ready to install and implement the Quickbooks® Point of Sale Management solution for your retail store. We have successfully installed, implemented and trained staff for numerous retail operations in Northern Nevada with great results for our clients. BSD can assist in the selecting and procuring the right the right software (and hardware) package for your company, installing the software, customizing the software features for your unique requirements, inventory input, staff training, integration with Quickbooks® Financial software, and on-going support and training including bookkeeping functions as required

QuickBooks® Point of Sale Software Features

The Quickbooks® Point of Sale software turns any PC into a cash register that does what no ordinary cash register can do: It automatically keeps track of your inventory and customers while you ring up sales. It helps you serve your customers faster and offer more personalized service. And it gives you the information you need to make better purchasing decisions and boost your bottom line. Track inventory automatically as you ring up sales. See what's selling, when it's selling, what needs restocking, and more.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Quickbooks® Point of Sale Software include:

  • Ring up sales quickly, easily, and accurately. Use a bar code scanner to scan items when ringing up sales or entering new inventory. Use a PC to ring up cash, check, credit card, accept gift card, and 'charge to store' transactions. Just like a cash register, your computer opens a cash drawer with each sale and prints a receipt.
  • Easy Inventory Management. Always know what inventory you have on-hand as you have real time data with each sale. Inventory tools automatically adjust as you sell or purchase stock. With Pro Multi-store Quickbooks® Point of Sale software you can check inventory at all locations. You always have accurate, real-time information about what's selling, what's not, what's on hand and what needs to be reordered.
  • Know your Customers. Automatically track customer information and purchase history when you right up sales. Track you best customers, assign discounts by customer, complete mailing lists based on customer purchase history (Pro edition). Provides all the sales information you need to provide Customer support.
  • Flexible price setting. Easily customize product pricing and accurately calculate markups, markdowns, and discounts by item.
  • Works with Quickbooks® financial software. Save hours on bookkeeping. Transfer sales and customer information, sales receipts, receiving vouchers and other key information directly into QuickBooks financial software with one click.5 Or use QuickBooks® Point of Sale all by itself.
  • Reports for optimal sales management. Reporting functions will allow you to make informed decisions; setting optimal business hours and staffing levels, track best and worst sellers, and gain critical intelligence from store close reports.

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