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Strategic Business Development

Business Consulting and Development Services

Should you hire a business consultant?

The decision whether to hire a business consultant depends largely on the nature of the business as well as the skills and experience of the business owner(s). Smaller companies that are often owned and run by one or a few individuals often tend be focused on the daily operation of the business more than the tactical or strategic factors that are necessary for ensuring a healthy level of growth. That's not to say that small business owners are incapable of identifying and capitalizing on opportunities, but rather that running a company is incredibly time consuming.

While the old saying about working on your small business rather than in it holds merit, immediate issues that demand attention can't wait. Simply put, there are only so many hours in a day. Consulting with an individual qualified to analyze the current state of your business and make adjustments that will keep you on track, moving toward not only the goals you have for your company but for your financial well being in in general, can change the course of your professional career.

Can a business consultant really do that?

To answer that question, it is necessary to begin thinking about the goals and strategic objectives of the business. A company that enjoys a major share of its market will no doubt have a different perspective than an upstart attempting to gain traction against its entrenched rivals for the first time.

New businesses in particular have a steep climb these days. The Internet and other technological advances have changed the competitive climate forever. The Internet is the great business equalizer in the sense that any company can create a million dollar image and take its message to the masses. But, large companies know the value of the medium as well, and have resources most small companies don't, often employing large SEO (Search Engine Optimization) teams or firms devoted to gaining high search engine rankings and online marketing tactics.

How many small business owners have a solid background in business finance? The answer is that most don't. Now, consider that the largest, most successful companies in the world rely on consultants to maintain their competitive edge. Business Services & Development works with companies of all sizes to help them achieve the goals the business owner had when the company was started. The costs is minimal, but the benefit of having someone with vast experience in all kinds of businesses to rely on is monumental. Give us a call to learn how we can help you reach your goals. The first consultation is free and could end up changing your life.

Business Services and Development (BSD)

  • Development of Business Plans
  • Development of presentations for potential investors, lenders, partners, and employees
  • Analyze business opportunities
  • Development of Presentations
  • Financial Analysis - Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Flow analysis, Balance Sheets
  • Creation of Financial Models including revenue and cost forecasting, personnel requirements, cash flow requirements, and valuations
  • Design and implement operating and measurement systems to monitor and execute company plans

Microsoft Excel Consulting

  • Customized spreadsheet development
  • Customized form development
  • Forecast models
  • Financial models


  • Quickbooks® Financial Software
  • Quickbooks® Point of Sale
  • Microsoft Works (Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint)

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