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Business Plan or Strategic Plan - Your Company's Roadmap to Success

Types of Business Plans

Depending on the state of your business, your business plan may take one of several forms. A new business or upstart will typically use its business plan to chart a course during the critical period of negative cash flow while gaining traction in its market segment. Companies that have been in business for some time often create a business plans to help them regain their focus and competitive edge, or to aid in adapting to changes in their market.

Business Plan Goals

New Businesses or Startup Businesses require a business plan that offers specifics about how the company will gain market share, attract key employees, develop technology etc. Frequently the plan is presented to potential investors with the hope of attracting capital to get the fledgling company off the ground.

Growth Phase Companies that have been in business long enough to have earned a firm place within their markets, often create a new business plan to use as a guide to tap their true growth potential. Depending on the type of business, this can mean many things. For a retailer that has established itself with a proven business model, the next logical step is to open new locations. Manufactures frequently seek opportunities to gain market share or to expand into new markets altogether.

Whatever the business goal, developing well-planned roadmap of how to achieve it is a critical step toward making it a reality. Business Services & Development, LLC has the experience necessary to guide you in developing your own roadmap to success. We write business plans for organizations of all sizes, taking the time necessary to understand your goals and how they relate to your industry.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a type of business plan focused on achieving specific objectives. The strategic plan should serve as a framework for making business decisions or for securing management support or approval. Strategic plans provide a basis for more detailed planning and may be used motivate employees or managers in support of organizational goals.

Companies launching new divisions or making decisions about gaining a competitive edge should consider a formalized strategic plan. Strategic planning often employs tools like the SWOT analysis, whereby the company explores its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & treats, that will be factors as it broadens its market position.

Whether your business is introducing new products or services, opening a second location or responding to a changing market, Business Services & Development, LLC will help ensure that you are taking the best possible action toward achieving your business goals.


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